Hamdard introduces herbal medicines for weight loss, weight gain and prostate problems with fully natural formulations and no side effects.
Hamdard provides a large range of herbal remedies for liver diseases like fatty liver, cirhossis of liver, fibrosis of liver, etc. These natural herbals eliminate the disease without producing any side effects
Oils like almond, olive and mustard are known as baby massage oil for strong bones. You can use any of the oils in most purified forms to massage your baby so that it gets stronger bones as it grows older.
Ginger is one of the commonest ingredients available in Indian kitchens and also amongst the popular natural cures for a cough and sore throat. Take a cup of water and set it to boil, cut fresh ginger cubes, crush them a little and add them to the boiling water.
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This disease is highly contagious and you cannot easily overcome it with complete revitalization. But, thankfully, herbal medicine for cold and cough helps to provide complete cure allowing you to recover within a short period of time.
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